To begin, it’s essential to ponder the meaning of a leader and the essence of leadership. As Warren Bennis aptly put it,

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

Defining leadership goes beyond titles, pay grades, and hierarchical status. Each leader crafts a personal definition that shapes their leadership style, influencing the company’s culture and direction.

This definition evolves with the leaders themselves. Leadership is an ongoing journey, not a destination, starting with a deeply personal decision.

Different individuals attribute leadership to various aspects, whether it’s business acumen, setting a vision, or emphasizing human qualities like empathy and humility. With new leaders come fresh approaches that impact overall culture and employee dynamics. Future leaders are expected to bring diverse perspectives, focusing on dimensions such as Meaning, Managing Energy, Positive Framing, Connecting, and Engaging. Balancing leadership with an awareness of power dynamics is crucial.


Now, let’s explore the five steps to enhance leadership, as outlined by Jacqueline in “Intentional Action: How Leaders Succeed.”

  1. Believe That You Can Choose How to Lead Your Life: Embrace the idea that you can lead your life in a meaningful direction. This involves understanding your values, which are deeply personal principles like fairness, family, humor, freedom, justice, humility, faith, or adventure.

  2. Practice Vigilant Accountability: Recognize your core values and evaluate how you spend your time. Time is a crucial, nonrenewable resource. Take intentional action, be fully accountable for your time, and avoid blaming external factors for your choices.

  3. Make Decisions That Matter: Your life is shaped by the decisions you make. Act on what you value and pursue your goals with intent. The key is to start moving towards your vision and adjust your path as needed.

  4. Continue to Raise Expectations of Yourself: Have grand intentions and recognize your capabilities. Leadership skills, like any others, develop over time with practice. Act with courage, even in the face of fear, and lead your life intentionally.

  5. Find Ways to Serve Others in Your Pursuits: Serving others leads to joyous moments. Despite societal messages of self-focus, intentional actions on behalf of others can be highly rewarding. Service fosters a team experience that surpasses individual achievements.

For those aspiring to leadership roles or seeking to progress from senior management, questions may arise about blind spots, impact, influence, negotiation skills, delegation, accountability, and team dynamics. Distinctions Executive Coaching assists clients in enhancing self-awareness, self-observation, and self-correction of leadership behavior, resulting in improved leadership, teamwork, and overall performance. Various coaching types, including Executive Coaching, CEO Coaching, Integral Coaching, Team Coaching, Career Coaching, and The Maintenance Coaching Programme, are offered to cater to individual needs. Contact Jacqueline at for more information on identifying strengths, addressing development areas, and becoming the leader one deserves to be.

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