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Don't give up on realising innovative and new business ideas even if others do not agree.

Msc Economics & Business,

Founder/CEO/Mentor of BASE

My motivation for Entrepreneurship consultancy derives from working with the youths of our society.

In most cases graduates and school leavers face dilemmas with which career path to follow. They often apply for roles and find they are either inexperienced or do not have the relevant skills. As a result, they face difficulties in finding the right career opportunities.

This is something I can relate to, as my career journey has spun from joggling difficult roles, including some painful ones which took me many years, until I finally found my perfect career. As a teacher, I am empowered to motivate the youth to ascertain their full potential in gaining the confidence, team-working, and determination skills they require in becoming a successful individual.

Being a mother of two children, I witness how young people strive to acknowledge their strengths in their talents and to utilize it to their advantage. Being an educator for over 15 years, I am passionate and committed about mentoring and coaching the youth, this has enabled me in setting up my own business (BASE).

I find that most of these youth are full of new products or a service ideas , but lack the entrepreneurial skills to develop their ideas further.

So what are you waiting for? Have you got an idea that could be transformed into a Product or Service? Have you already have a small business that you wish to expand? Let BASE team help build your dream career in entrepreneurship and let’s move your career to another level.

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