Ideas for business Start-up
  • Spotting an opportunity:  Successful business will be one that spots an opportunity to make a profit.
  • Developing an idea for a business:  A great idea will be transformed into a working business.
    Some market research to will be carried out to see if there is a real demand for the product or service.
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Business Plan Development

Business Plan writing involves future plans for the business. Having clear aim and objective for the company to succeed, Identifying risks and rewards, including revenue and profits. Identifying target market, the appropriate resources and how to obtain finance.

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Base on how to gain finance
How to acquire Finance

Finance is the lifeblood of most businesses.

There are several ways of acquiring finance as we provide a step-by-step guidance of loan applications, crowd-funding approaches and referrals of potential investors.

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Marketing strategies

Marketing refers to promotional activity for a business to sell their products and services. It includes marketing mix, market segmentation and strategies such as advertising and social media. BASE provides a consultancy advice to assist you.

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Business Growth

We provide a mixture of analytical techniques and tools to identify each opportunity given its risks and rewards. We achieve results and success through our framework alongside analysing core components your business. We identify areas to improve your business and to provide a clear path to success.

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Success is never accidental

Our goal is to empower you to move your business forward in a systematic and measurable way. This will require sheer determination from you to swiftly navigate challenges which will ultimately lead to the heights of greatness.

Market Research

Analyze, Understand & Plan

Market research allows a company to better understand it’s market and get early feedback on its product and services from potential consumers.

Target Area

Organize Priorities & get a Business Plan

Planning is key to the success of any business. Successful businesses regularly reviews its business plan to ensure it continues to meet its needs.

Understand Numbers

Always Set Targets & Achieve them

The research on target setting tells us this is can be harmful to the performance of the organization.

Striving Businesses

Statistics show that the majority of businesses suffer losses within the first two years of trading. We offer a variety of strategies and techniques to minimize these losses and to also drive for businesses growth.

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Looking for Potential Investors

You have the idea, you have the business plan, you have the drive to succeed; what you don’t have is the money to turn this dream into reality. Click the link below and our abled team would be glad to assist you

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Become a successful entrepreneur