Gina’s Afro – Caribbean Grocery Store launched

Britain leaving EU was a huge blow, yet the Coronavirus 2020 pandemic is a massive crisis where the entire world will strive to recover. This crisis creates a new opportunity for young black people, especially our youths in becoming entrepreneurs. With Britain face a wave of corporate bankruptcies as a result of COVD-19, most businesses would not be able to restructure and will go broke.

During the lockdown period, Gina spots an opportunity and made an excellent decision in setting up her own business. Gina has been a BASE ambassador since October 2019 since; Become A Successful Entrepreneur was established.

As a Mentor, identifying Gina’s entrepreneur skills were highly desirable. We assess her business aims and objectives, and simply guiding and implementing their skills into setting up their business.

In this case, Gina spent a massive amount of time researching the market and the area where she lives in Grays, Essex, where her results were conclusive. She made a decision in setting up the only African-Caribbean Grocery Store in the area.

 Gina took the advantage of the being a BASE ambassador, as we strategized and tackled the journey of setting up her grocery store. We embraced a number of perspectives, without any misconceptions in achieving faster results.

BASE provides the ability to offload and to discuss your most personal thoughts which can be brought to life by working with BASE. Building up a solid and trusting relationship.

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