How to Attract, Convert and Keep Great Clients

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Building a robust target market client list, converting them to paying clients and keeping them can seem like an overwhelming task.

It’s important to know what sets you apart. The secret, according to those in the know, is to understand what attracts your customers in the first place…

  • Always be visible
  • Always keep ’em happy
  • Stay effective at it! 

Here are some tips to attract and retain valuable clients: 

Don’t confuse a feature with a benefit

A major mistake that many budding business owners commit is trying to attract customers by enthusiastically talking about their product’s features rather than informing them of the problems it can solve for them. 

For instance, telling them that the watch you’re selling has gaskets made of Teflon won’t get them interested. But if you tell them that they can swim for hours wearing your water-resistant watch, they will definitely stop to hear more about it. 

Position your product as the best answer 

With so many other competitors, give your clients a compelling reason to place their trust in you. This is what will lead to repeat business. 

Put their needs first and focus on offering value. At the same time, connect with them and be a resource by uploading blog posts, videos, webinars, and more regarding the problems in their lives that your products can solve for them. The key is to be visible, empathetic and position yourself as an industry expert. [reference: How to get more clients?]

Utilize testimonials

Let the world know that your existing client base loves your offerings! A customer is more likely to believe the reviews of another fellow customer. So when they see that your past clients have had extremely positive experiences while interacting with your brand, they might be convinced to take your product home! 

Go the word-of-mouth marketing way 

Identify your top clients and ensure that they are happy with your offerings. These are the ones who will recommend your business to others if they are getting positive results from you. Offer discounts to them. In addition to this, create a sense of community and share user-generated content to keep the leads coming! Consistently upload on social media and make your presence felt across forums so that remember your product.

Know what the competition is doing…do yours better! 

Watch your competitor’s moves like a hawk if you want your business to succeed! If you feel that clients are not happy with their offerings, you can swoop in to offer your product as an alternative, Also, if the company has increased its pricing structure or is unable to satisfy their demands, you can position yourself well to attract them as soon as they sever ties and end partnerships. 

Finding new clients is definitely not an easy task. But by keeping these techniques in mind, you might be able to make the journey a whole lot easier! 

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