How a Single Training Day with BASE Transformed My Business

How a Single Training Day with BASE Transformed My Business - A Testimonial For Jacqui Obeng, Business Coach in the UK

A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to attend a transformative course organized by BASE, focusing on applying the CASH section of This exclusive members-only event, led by the knowledgeable facilitator  proved to be a game-changer for me and my business.

In typical BASE fashion, we delved deep into discussions and shared our financials, a practice uncommon in conventional training environments. The aim was clear – to extract maximum value from the coaching experience. Drawing on my background in banking and private equity, I thought I had a solid grasp of numbers and accounting. However, the day unfolded with revelations that changed the trajectory of my business.

Before the training, I knew I needed tools to enhance my company’s performance, but I was unsure of which ones would be the most effective. Much to my surprise, the training session introduced me to three invaluable tools: BASE training, The Power of One methodology, and “Labour Efficiency Ratios.”

The magic of that day was in the collaborative environment created, where my wife and I, who work together, openly shared our financials. By the end of the seven-hour session, we not only had specific targets in place but a clear roadmap for achieving them.

So, what did we specifically gain from this experience?

Firstly, we established targets swiftly, thanks to the Power of One tools, which resulted in an incredible 10x return on our BASE membership fees through increased profits. The simplicity of these tools amazed me, and I anticipate a 2-3x return as we implement others in the future. Remarkably, none of these tools required an increase in sales volume; instead, our planned growth will naturally amplify the results.

One of the standout benefits was a new method for measuring our labor efficiency, a critical financial driver in our company. A straightforward equation now allows us to assess the efficiency of each department, providing a valuable tool for monitoring productivity. This tool facilitates positive communication with our team, shifting the focus from their cost to the business to discussions about productivity.

The impact of this training extends beyond the financial gains. It exemplifies what excites me about BASE – straightforward yet powerful training conducted in an open, collaborative environment. And the best part? Two tickets for this invaluable experience cost just around £70.00, making it an absolute steal!

The BASE day is just one of four comprehensive “Scaling Up: Gazelles Training” days offered by BASE, part of a total of 30 social and business learning events throughout the year. Having already booked December’s full learning day on Scaling Up: Strategy, I am eagerly anticipating the remaining event on Scaling Up: People in early 2019.

Thank you, BASE, for this transformative experience!

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