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There are 3 juicy fundamentals to building your business…

One - Foundations

Together, we'll get crystal clear on your big goals and craft a powerful vision and mission. Then, we'll dive deep into your business model, brand, products & pricing, and define what a fulfilling work-life balance looks like for you.

Two - Mindset

We're gonna take a wrecking ball to any self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors holding you back, so you can create a thriving, profitable biz. And forget boring old coaching - we'll be unleashing your creativity and playfulness, tapping into the power of mindset work and visualization.

Three - Marketing

Let's take your marketing to the next level. We'll drill down into your why, your values, your niche, and your dream clients. And get ready to work smarter, not harder, with marketing strategies that actually work.

Who is my coaching designed for?

My coaching services are designed for a wide range of businesses, from nascent e-commerce startups to established SMEs looking to innovate and grow. Regardless of your industry or stage, my approach is tailored to fit your unique business context.

  • Start-ups seeking foundational business strategies
  • E-commerce businesses aiming for market penetration and growth
  • Product-focused SMEs looking for innovation and scalability
  • Established businesses seeking turnaround or new market entry
  • Newly promoted CEOs, MDs and Senior Executives


Value of products launched in Western markets

20+ Yrs

Experience in consumer product manufacturing, distribution, retail and e-commerce management


Products developed, sourced and supplied to retail and e-commerce


Manufacturers visited across 35+ Far East sourcing trips

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The time commitment can vary based on your specific needs and goals. However, I strive to make coaching as efficient and impactful as possible, typically involving regular sessions and actionable steps that fit into your busy schedule without overwhelming it. Most of my plans include email or WhatsApp support, meaning you can access me at your convenience outside of scheduled calls.

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